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Sep 17 2013

Aquamind has been on a field trip to Ireland to see how a full-scale oysterbusiness is run on Galway Shellfish.

Aug 12 2013

In the Aquamind project regarding oyster production in the limfjord. Bryan Martin and Aquamind has succeeded in producing 10 Million Oyster spat on Venø Fish Farm.

Jun 07 2013

As shown; the lighter area is the new area of growth. A european oyster grows about 10mm per 3rd week. 

Apr 17 2013

The electronic traceabilty solution for fisheries everywhere.

Mar 19 2013

With words like "Oyster fairytale" and "sent from the sky". We have a good feeling about this.

Feb 26 2013

Aquamind's project about oysters in Limfjorden aroused the curiosity of the national fishery newspaper "Fiskeri Tidende"