News and Press

Jun 16 2016

Danish Oyesters (Aquamind) has together with local businessmen begun the production of flat oysters (Ostrea edulis) on Orust in Sweden.

Jun 16 2016

During 2015 Danish Oysters (Aquamind) succeeded in farming Pacific oysters (Crassotrea gigas) in the Isefjord.

Jun 16 2016

Aquamind, Espersen and McDonald’s in collaboration have developed and tested new gear in the cod fishery (Gadus morhua) in the Baltic Sea.

Oct 09 2014

Poul Tørring is the new facilitator appointed by NaturErhvervStyrelsen in Denmark. 


May 24 2014

In the light of the new danish discardban it is necessary to look for alternative export options. Therefore Aquamind went to China to learn more about the chinese market. 


Feb 17 2014

In the past week Aquamind has tested the survival rate of langustine (nephrops norvegicus) when transported from Skagen to Deventer in Holland.

Nov 11 2013

The European SCAR-Fish committee present its report on science in support of the Common Fisheries Policy. Aquamind partner Mogens Schou has chaired the work.

Sep 24 2013

As showed;  the oyster spat is growing rapidly at Venø Fish Farm.