Mikkel Kehler Villadsen

CV Mikkel Kehler Villadsen

     Mikkel Kehler Villadsen
     Mosedalsvej 2 
     4180 Sorø      Denmark
     Phone.: 40594423
     E-MAIL: mkv@aquamind.dk

My passion is to work with the fishing industry and make sustainable solutions for the fisheries in Europe as well as in Denmark.
As a consultant in Aquamind I’ve been trusted with several projects ranging from redesigning fishing vessels, catching whelks, selling oysters, market green crabs and counting bycatch. At the moment, I’m managing a project regarding the rearing of turbots to fight off the black goby.
Experiences and skills
Proffesionalism and competences
·       Broad and profound knowledge regarding fish biology and fish behavior
·       Laws and rules in the danish fishery
·       Solid insight in marine ecosystems

·       Cooperation with many different partners including fishers, fisher associations, scientists and fish exporters.
·       Planning and executing field trips for scientific data gathering.
Work Experience
Consultant in Aquamind
·       Project management and project leader experience in several projects.  
·       Biological assistant in gathering data with different fishing vessels from Shetland islands to Skagen.
·       Production of film for external clients including the Danish Fishery agency as well as making content for project dissemination and social media.  
·       Webmastering and press contact

MSc In Aquatic science and Technology
2015- December 2019
Master of science in Aquatic science and Technology
·       Thesis regarding the use of pots for sustainable fishing in Baja California in order to avoid endangered vaquita bycatch.
·       Bachelor in biology from University of Copenhagen, with the following work  ”Perfusion of the secondary vascular system in Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) after stress”)
·       A teacher education from The Independent Academy for Free School Teaching

·       Danish, mother tongue
·       English, fluent in text and speech
·       Spanish: Basic skills.
·       German: Basic skills.
·       Editing and updating homepages in both wordpress and Drupal
·       Mixing and recording music and speak in Logic
·       Cutting and editing in Final Cut and Davinci Resolve