News and Press

Sep 18 2019

Together with the Danish Fisheries Agency, we've produced a small movie about the the different subsidies available for fishermen, companies and associations of the industry in the danish fishery.

Apr 02 2019

In relation to the permission to manually harvest oysters in the Wadden sea ( area 130-135) a celebrating event was established.

Feb 22 2019

We've made a small movie about our recent completed project.

Jan 21 2019

Our project about a tilapia hatchery in Nigeria is well underway.

Jan 21 2019

Our project about automating the pot fishery after brown crab, has now reached the attention of the local media.

Jun 13 2017

Aquamind has completed a project about whelkfisheries in Denmark. For dissemination purposes we have also published a little movie about the process of whelkfishing.

Jun 16 2016

In cooperation with Danish Seafood Association, University of Copenagen and FSK, Aquamind is examining the possibilites for a fishery, sale and export of common whelk (Buccinum undatum).

Jun 16 2016

Danish Oyesters (Aquamind) has together with local businessmen begun the production of flat oysters (Ostrea edulis) on Orust in Sweden.

Jun 16 2016

During 2015 Danish Oysters (Aquamind) succeeded in farming Pacific oysters (Crassotrea gigas) in the Isefjord.

Jun 16 2016

Aquamind, Espersen and McDonald’s in collaboration have developed and tested new gear in the cod fishery (Gadus morhua) in the Baltic Sea.