Resultatbaseret Styring

Result Based Management

Results based management is not an objective but a method to reach the objectives by setting limits for outcomes instead of defining required actions, methods or use of technology.

It is based on the notion that management should be decentralised to the lowest appropriate level to obtain effectiveness and equity as decisions will pertain to the interests directly involved.

The Council of ministers general approach June2012 establishes a framework for result based management to gradually replace the existing micro management; Article 15:

All catches subject to catch limits... shall be...counted against the quotas where applicable, in accordance with the following timeframe

when a landing obligation including documentation of catches is in operation, an increase of related fishing opportunities is foreseen, since discards will no longer take place. It should also be considered whether such a change in the management system may lead to the abolition of certain control measures and technical measures.

With these steps EU has entered the path of transforming the management into a Catch Quota Management (CQM).